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Don’t give infection a chance!


What should I do to be on the safe side?

Take the following rules to heart to protect the people in your immediate surroundings:

When coughing – always hold a fresh handkerchief in front of your mouth.

Keep the rooms in which you spend time well ventilated to ensure airborne droplets are blown out.

Neither drink nor eat from the glass or plate of others.

No kisses or other mouth to mouth contacts.

Keep living rooms clean: Clean or wipe with a moist cloth, do not raise dust (dust may also contain bacteria).


What you can do to speed up your recovery:

Take your medication as prescribed.

Take care not to forget any doses, so that the pathogens cannot establish resistance.

Rest and relaxation.

Avoid excessive exertion.

Eat a balanced, nutritional diet regularly.

Thanks to their many vitamins and minerals, a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables will support your therapy. Be careful to eat foods that are easy on your digestion and balanced amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

No alcohol.

The breakdown of the medications burdens the liver significantly. Alcohol puts more stress on the liver and decreases the capacity of your immune defense.

Be careful when driving or operating machinery.

The medications can influence your capacity to react.

Keep away from cigarettes!

Smoking is extremely harmful particularly to people with tuberculosis. If you smoke, you will hinder a rapid cure.

Stay in contact with your physician.

Do not give up!
Even if the treatment takes a long time and is hard on your nerves: you will make it!